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Not too long ago I made a commitment to perseverance and hard work in order to compete in Ironman 70.3 Gulf Coast (it consists of a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1 run).

Up until this point, I competed in one long course so it’s safe to say I call myself a rookie, not in triathlon but in long course racing.

I learned the hard way, there is no straight path to the top. Life throws curve balls at you left and right but that’s okay because that makes the end result taste so much better!



Mistakes, mistakes, and negligence of my own health brought me down with nasty respiratory infection and just like that, months of hard work were gone in a heartbeat. I was devastated to let go, but I knew that it would be an absolute nightmare to race on that day. It is hard to get a perspective in situations like this one, I thought O-M-G what a waste of my time. It’s tough, but if you are going through something similar, don’t worry there are plenty of races that you can sign up for once you are fully recovered and ready to resume training. I was oblivious to the fact that Ironman Foundation puts out hundreds of races each year and this one was one fraction of all of them. Thank goodness for family and friends, with their help I realized that regardless race or no race, I would be swimming, biking and running anyway.

Technically, the plan was to race amongst my dad and a brother and push each other past our limits. So that’s exactly what we did, there is no way I could just abandon those two amazing individuals in action. Even though my plans changed from racing to a role of support crew on sidelines, I was happy to see their faces light up when they saw me cheering for them on the course. I was beyond excited and relieved that they made it to a finish line without any major injuries and meeting their personal goals!

                        Congratulations to both of you! You guys are rock stars!



An important lesson, I cannot stress this enough if you think triathlon is just about swimming, biking and running, WRONG, I hate to break it to you but that’s just one aspect of it. Of course, I had to learn the hard way (perks of being stubborn). A lot goes behind the scenes of every successful triathlete whether your goal is to finish your first sprint triathlon or compete at the highest level in long course, it doesn’t matter what your goals are but you have to be ready to give it your all! Plan it out, pay attention to nutrition, sleep is crucial, don’t take recovery lightly and add strength training! Your body will thank you for staying healthy and injury free!




– Dana








Chasing Passion


I get inspired when I read fitness stories. I find it uplifting and it motivates me to go after my goals with a fierce passion, stopping at nothing. I believe my journey can inspire others to live a happy and meaningful  fitness lifestyle  I am hoping my journey will inspire some of you into giving triathlons a thought or even a shot. 

Let me start of with a statement, triathlons changed my life in a way only triathletes can understand. I grew up participating in various sports [swimming,volleyball..etc.]  but it wasn’t until recently when I started to identify myself as a triathlete. I am nowhere near to be a professional athlete but I have a passion  for this sport and I am extremely excited to share my LOVE for triathlons with you.

NEED SOMETHING TO SPICE YOU YOUR LIFE? [Hint,hint… triathlon / running races]

It all started with a curiosity to keep active during summer weekends but it quickly escalated into an intensive commitment in a very short time.  Triathlon is addicting [in a good way!]

In college I was struggling to make a decision. I was either going to live a lie or let go of the comfort of old and venture into a world of unknown. I no longer was passionate about my lifestyle, it was time to make a change. I made a choice and transitioned from playing collegiate women’s ice hockey to racing collegiate triathlons. After settling into my new routine everything fell into place and I knew I made the right call! It felt just right! I yet again found myself passionate about hard work and dedication to a sport.

“do it with a passion or not at all.”

The Michigan State Triathlon Club introduced me to a phenomenal group of individuals with similar interests and goals. I felt welcomed and excited for the upcoming season. Up to this point, I only had raced a sprint distance, for those who are not familiar with triathlons it consists of [750 k (0.5mi) swim, 20 k (12.4mi) bike, 5 k (3.1 mi) run] fun stuff! The goal of the season was to race at the Collegiate National Championships in Clemson —-> Olympic Distance 1.5 k swim, 40 k bike & 10 k run. Let me just say, what an incredible experience.

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Fast forward to post graduation.

Early in June of 2016, I signed up for my very first half iron distance (USAT National Championships – MiamiMan ). The very first step of an ultimate endurance challenge. A test of my physical and mental willpower to push beyond my limits . My journey of 70.3 miles began with a single decision to tri.

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Through sports, I learned to believe in myself. November, 13 2016 I crossed the finish line with a massive smile on my face and at that moment I knew I can truly overcome any obstacle in  my life. As for everyone racing that day, each athlete has their own story, everyone has a different reason to push through the 70.3 mile course,  some race for the high others race for cause. Every athlete’s journey is different but on the race day everyone unites as one, to support each other , compete against each other and overall have some freakin’ fun! I love the tri community! Racing ain’t easy but unquestionably worth it. I learned a great deal about myself throughout the course of almost 6 hours.

I came to a realization that everything doesn’t have to go as planned. Life is full of challenges  and the only way to keep moving forward is to fight through the bad and never give up. Half iron was a journey  of discovery, it helped me to realize that you gotta jump through loops to achieve great things.

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 May,13 2017

—  Dana