5 FUN THINGS TO DO near Dillon, CO

sweatventure | Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone, considering it is almost summertime this post might seem little irrelevant to you at this moment but WAIT, it is easy to get wrapped up in all your summer plans and before you know it, winter knocks on your door yet again!

Is winter your best friend? Are you day in  n’ night dreaming about fresh pow, hitting the slopes or maybe even going on a little backpacking adventure? It’s your call, do what makes you happy!  This winter I got a chance to ski out west for free ~ perks of Vail Resorts employees. I taught snowboard lessons at Mt. Brighton (Michigan), where in my own small way I changed the lives of many. In February,  I jumped on a plane to Denver  for a week of  pow-pow and backcountry adventures.


Planning a trip out west?





1. Section House Backpacking Trip (2 days)

DAY 1 ~ Hike to Section House (10th Mountain Division Hut Association) 

My dad is more than a mountaineer, he loves to rock climb and ski. He is a 100% blood and sweat outdoorsmen. My guess is that he has around hundred of peaks climbed under his belt, no kidding! He is an experienced skier, climber and adventurist. I still have a lot to learn from his life long adventures. February 2, 2017 the day of my first backpacking expedition!  You betcha I was glad to have my dad right there by my side to explain all the ropes and tricks to skinning.

Section House Hike is highly suggested for beginners.  It is a great first backcountry mountaineering experience.  This 6.4 mile gently up-hill ascent offers stunning views of the valley and takes your breath away with railroad history. Once you find yourself above the tree line, you will be astonished  by exceptional view of a Bald Mountain.

Section House: Offered cozy LIVING ROOM space with fire-place, BEDROOMS with bunks beds,  KITCHEN with everything you possibly could need and well- kept OUTHOUSE.

DAY 2 ~ Climb the Bald Mountain

After struggling to sleep throughout the night due to a high elevation and trying to keep the fire going, I got myself together and we ventured on a very steep climb, the BALD MOUNTAIN. My lungs felt like they were going to jump out of my chest and my legs were literally on fire. We were so high up, I could see for miles in all directions, unfortunately I ran out of strength and I was unable to make it all the way up, dad and I agreed to make it to a certain spot and then we skied down back to the valley. Overall, I had a great time, definitely one of the most grueling experiences of 2017 so far but well worth it.


2. Breckendrige  CRÊPES  A’ LA CART

Got a sweet tooth? Savory tooth? Crepes a la cart have it all 🤙

To everyone out there please PLEASE make sure you visit CREPES A’LA CART at least once in your lifetime. The wait can be up to 30 – 40 minutes  both during summer and winter days but it’s worth it. They serve breakfast, lunch and they open till late at night. You can make your own crepe creation. My favorite is nutella/banana/strawberries. Literally a heaven in my mouth. It is dream come true to all the crepes lovers in a whole wide world. I can cook up some delicious crepes @ home but I ain’t got nothing on crepes a la cart. That’s for sure…

3. Mesa Cortina Trail

A backcountry trip with easy ascent and fun descent! We  decided to hike this trail the morning of our drive back to Michigan. It took us about 2-3 hours. Snowshoe // regular shoe hiking are welcomed. It was well-kept trail with  great opportunities for trail runners and dog lovers. Wild life is present! This trail won’t disappoint.  

4.Vail (BackBowls)

“Vail like nothing on earth” the amount of free terrain will blow your mind away!  Para -para-paradise. Everywhere you go, you can potentially find a new pow-pow terrain [well,  early bird gets the biggest warm]. I highly recommend, to wake up early after the night of snowfall and hit the slopes, you’ll find yourself extremely pleased with all the fresh snow possibilities. 

5. BreckFRIDGE

I love, love, love  Breckenridge because of its views. One of my favorite things to do at Breckenridge is to take Imperial Express Super Chair Lift to Peak8 and hike up all the way to the top of Peak8 (12,998ft) / 3,962 m where you get 360 view of Colorado mountains. Planning to go up? Remember there is only one way down, make sure you are experienced snowboarder/ skier to get down a steep sometimes icy terrain. NOT RECOMMENDED for beginners. 

That’s all my friends!


— Dana//sweatventure


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